What do you need for a rotary tattoo machine

What do you need for a rotary tattoo machine
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Tattoo designing is a passion and fashion of any gender and social class. In this century there is a huge number of tattoo lovers. They want to make tattoos on their body. Some people want to design tattoos on their bodies and some use tattoo designing as a profession. For tattoo designing, people use tattoo machines. There are different types of tattoo machines for tattoo designing. The most popular and most useful machines are only two types. One is a coil tattoo machine and the second is a rotary tattoo machine. 

Some famous tattoo artists recommend the coil tattoo machine but some are lovers of the rotary tattoo machines. Some people also these modern machines and some use a homemade rotary tattoo machine. But the rotary tattoo machine is popular because of its high qualify features. What do you need for a rotary machine? And how you can use this machine. In this post, I will tell you how you can get rotary tattoo machines. What do you need for a rotary tattoo machine? So, let’s see how you can set up this machine and how you can get this popular tattoo machine. 

Why Rotary tattoo machine is best?

The rotary tattoo machine is best because of its quality features and programs. This machine is very easy and simple to use that’s why this machine is very popular among tattoo lovers. This is very lightweight. Tattoo artists draw lines and shades very easily with this machine. For color work, the rotary tattoo machine is very excellent. This machine is not causing any damage to the skin. This machine has a very gentle process than a coil tattoo machine. 

Most tattoo machines come with thin needles than can inject directly into the skin. But there is another way you can make a rotary tattoo machine by yourself. For completing the process what do you need for a rotary tattoo machine?  In the following, I mentioned the complete method of rotary tattoo machines and what things you need for this. For understanding the complete procedure you need to read the complete post because I mentioned the complete procedure in detail. So let’s see how to build a rotary tattoo machine. 

What do you need for a rotary tattoo machine?

What Do You Need For A Rotary Tattoo Machine?

So, for making the rotary tattoo machine what do you need for a rotary tattoo machine? You need a rotary tattoo machine like needles or cartridges. Moreover for making the rotary tattoo machine you need to have complete parts of your tattoo machine. A power supply, clip cord or RCA, and one footswitch are also necessary. These parts should be strong and powerful. You can buy different parts separately from the market and also can buy a complete kit. Sometimes, it may happen that any part of the machine may be damaged so you need to buy extra parts. If you have extra parts then you have backup when needed. 

  • Bic pen
  • A sewing needle for the machine
  • A wire
  • An electric cable 
  • Wooden batten
  • One or two small button
  • Foam
  • Insulating tape 
  • Camps
  • Malleable metal rod of 6 cm long
  • Tin welder
  • A drill 
  • superglue
  • 2 buttons with a hole
  • Scooter 
  • Two Cotton buds
  • 10mm barrel piercing
  • 230V-2.4V power supply for the purpose of the power supply connection

These all materials should be good. Without these instruments, you cannot make the rotary tattoo machine for making the rotary tattoo machine all the above things you should have. 

How to make 

After reading what do you need for a rotary tattoo machine? Now understand how to make this machine. Use these materials step by step as I said below then you can make the machine very easily. After making this machine you can use this machine very easily for making the tattoo. But for this purpose, you need to follow the complete steps in the following. 

The first step

The first step takes a Bic pen then take the wooden strip and cut this into a length of ¾ of that of the pen. Then you need to drill a hole about 2cm from the bottom of the strip. But its width should be ⅓. When you complete these steps then take the bar in malleable metal. You need to fold it in half which makes the shape of an L. When you set up this then block all the elements with the help of insulating tape. In this way, it will be secure with plastic straps. But this strap should not be too tight or too loose. 

Second step

The main step for making the rotary tattoo machine is the structure of the machine. After completing the structure of the machine you need to start the mechanical part of the machine. Now fit the button on the motor shaft. The button should fit in one of the two holes. Fr builds the small pulley on the other side and inserts the piercing. For making the strong joint drop glue into the two holes of the button of the machine. 

Now after completing all the above steps it’s time to turn the wire around the piercing. Wire turn should not be too tight or loose. To make the machine more effective and functional, it is very necessary to secure the stick to the wire of the machine. You need to use glue for making it strong. But the needle of the machine should be fixed by interlocking because this will change the needle for each tattoo. In this way, you can avoid dangerous infections. The wrong setup of the needles may cause dangerous infections during the process of making the tattoo design. 

Final step 

Then you need to insert the whole Bic pen inside. After this lay the motor and tie them to the metal bar with L. 

Fix the cotton swab stick and the feeder to the end with the help of glue. When this cotton swab is dried then fix it on the culotte of the motor, for this you also can use some glue. Now insert the small button on the hole of the wooden strip that we made previously. After insertion fixes it with the nut and washer tightly. 

Finally in the end connect everything to the electrical cable. Then fix this cable with clamps. So, that it does not damage or stuck while working. 

Set up a pen-style rotary tattoo machine

The most important thing during the preparation of the tattoo machine is that first hygiene the complete instruments as possible. Make sure your all machine accessories are neat and clean. If your machine is neat and clean then you and your client will be safe from any kind of infection. Wash your hand and wear clean gloves on your hand. Now after this you need to make the mechanical adjustment but it depends on the machine. Some rotary tattoo machines allow you to adjust the cam, electrical function, and other features of the machines. 

Once you adjust the machine mechanically according to all requirements, then start assembling the machine. In a pen-style machine, you can simply protect the sleeve with a wider cable. Then seal it with the help of grip tape. Some tattoo companies design disposable grips for their models. Now you need to just attach the cartridge to this machine and you can start the machine. It’s ready for work. 

Set up an angled rotary tattoo machine

For the setup of an angled rotary tattoo machine, you should also clean your machine and hygiene. A cleaning machine is very necessary to avoid any kind of infection. Now after washing the instruments of the machine and cleaning all the products you need to put the medical gloves on your hand. And start the adjustment of an angled rotary tattoo machine. In an angled rotary tattoo machine you can adjust the stitching characteristics of the machine. This is suited for the needs of the tattoo machine. 

In rotary tattoo machines, all the machines work differently and have different setups. You can adjust the machine and set the functions with the right parameters. Once you adjust your machine and set it up machine is as up want. Then you can start making tattoo designs for yourself. 

Your machine is completely set up and adjusted correctly according to your need. After doing this the next step is you should pack the complete machine hygienically. And pack your machine in the bag, also cover the clip cord with the help of a clip cord protector. Now after completing all steps, your machine is ready for work, Now you can design tattoos for yourself or your clients. 


I hope you understand what you need for a rotary tattoo machine, after completing the complete procedure, you can connect your rotary tattoo machine to a power supply. And start making tattooing. Remember your and your client’s health is more important than anything. So you need to assure that all your instruments and products of your machine are hygienic. After each client and to start tattooing on the next client you should clean your machine to save yourself from any kind of infection.

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