What are rotary tattoo machines used for?

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Rotary tattoo machines are used for tattoo designing but these machines are special use for both purpose lining and shading during tattooing. If you are a tattoo artist then you know about coil tattoo machines also which can be used only for a single purpose. You can draw lining or shading with one machine. It means if you want to draw lining then you should have one machine for lining and for shading you need to have another tattoo machine. But in the case of a rotary tattoo machine, you can do both works like shading or lining. 

That’s why the rotary tattoo machine is a very popular and high-demand machine. This machine is especially demanded by beginners. The people who are new in the business of tattoo art. They start their work with rotary tattoo machines. Because this machine helps the tattoo artist for working both lining and shading. So, when we talk about that what are rotary tattoo machines used for it’s very easy to understand that rotary tattoo machines are very useful and simple for beginners.

In this time ( 21st century ) rotary tattoo machines are very high in demand. Tattoo artist love to use this machine because of its functions. If you are also a tattoo lover or tattoo artist then you already know what are rotary tattoo machines used for. Rotary tattoo machines are very modern machines and they work very well and quickly. In this post, we will discuss in detail how you can use a rotary tattoo machine and what are benefits of the rotary tattoo machine are. So, to understand what are rotary tattoo machines used you need to read the complete post. 

A look at the Rotary tattoo & Coil tattoo machine

What are rotary tattoo machines used for

As we know there are two most popular types of tattoo machines which can are used in tattooing. One is a coil tattoo machine and the other is a rotary tattoo machine, both are the favorite machines of tattoo artists. But experienced tattoo artists use mostly coil tattoo machines. Actually, coil tattoo machines have long needles for depth lining. With the help of coil tattoo machines, tattoo artists draw the line of tattoo design in very depth and clarity. Tattoo artists use this machine for making the design of tattoos very clearly and sharply. 

The most experienced tattoo artists mostly use the coil tattoo machine because of its perfect lining. If you are a tattoo lover and want to start a tattoo business you can also use the coil tattoo machine but it have also drawbacks. Because of some drawbacks, coil tattoo machines are not recommended by tattoo artists to beginners.

If you are a beginner then the tattoo artists who are most experienced in the tattoo designing industry recommend rotary tattoo machines. Why do they highly recommend the rotary tattoo machine? And what are rotary tattoo machines used for? Why the rotary tattoo machines highly recommend to newcomers? 

There are many reasons behind the story. And also why you should avoid the use of coil tattoo machines in the beginning. No doubt coil tattoo machines are good and professionals use this machine but why they are not recommending this machine to the beginner? We will discuss all the aspects of rotary tattoo machines and coil tattoo machines. We will also discuss what are rotary tattoo machines use for. And why this machine is highly demandable in the market at this time. 

Why Rotary machine for beginners? 

Why Rotary Machine For Beginners?

There are many reasons for using rotary tattoo machines this machine has many easy features which coil tattoo machines did not have. Rotary tattoo machine obviously easy to use. Very simple and easy for working without any kind of vibration or sound. This means like a coil tattoo machine there is no vibration and sound in a rotary tattoo machine.

This machine is a silent tattoo killer. You can use this machine very comfortably. One of the most interesting things about the rotary tattoo machine is that this machine is very light-weight but on the other hand if we talk about the coil tattoo machine is a very heavy machine in weight. 

So, When you use the coil tattoo machine during work you will feel lethargic and tired on your hand. You can not make long designs by using the coil tattoo machine. The coil tattoo machine is not made for the long design. Because if you this machine for a long design you will feel pain in your hand. And you will be tired after some work. So there is no reason which describes that the coil tattoo machine is made for beginners or long designs. I’m not saying that you cannot use this machine.

Obviously, you can use this machine without any hesitation but for this machine, you need to take good practice for the long term and you need to become an experienced person in this field 

A little comparison between rotary & coil

A little comparison between rotary & coil

When we talk about the setup of the rotary tattoo machine then we can say that the rotary tattoo machine can be easily set up instead of other tattoo machines like coil tattoo machines. The setup of a coil tattoo machine is typical and tough rather than a rotary tattoo machine. But it also depends on the kits of the tattoo machines. Both machines have good material. But overall we can say that if you are a beginner and want to enter the world of tattoo design then you are welcome because it’s not difficult. You can easily start the tattoo business and become a professional tattoo artist starting with the rotary tattoo machine. This simple and easy machine will help you for making the dream designs that you want. 

But in the end, it all depends on you which type of machine is very suitable for you. If you have practice in tattoo designs or have experience in the field of tattoo business then you can use easily coil tattoo machines. You can easily understand the working method of this machine also. But if you are new and just start the tattoo business or you are thinking about the tattoo business then I and the other professional tattoo artists recommend you need to start with rotary tattoo machines. 

Lining & Shading

Lining & Shading

A tattoo machine working on the base of needles. If you are working on tattoo design then needles have a very important role in designing. There are two types of needles in the machines small needle groups and large needle groups. For lining and shading, there is a way of using the right needle for the right purpose. Moreover, it also depends on the skin of humans. This means you need to also work according to the skin of the human. Large needle machines are specially made for the lining and the lining of these machines have in depth. But in the case of small needles machine linings are not in-depth but you can work with them. 

The small needle machines are also very fast and work smoothly on the skin. But in the case of the large needle, the speed of the machine is slow and can be hurt also. In a small needle machine, there is a small pain. Mostly large needles are used in the coil tattoo machines and small needles are used in the rotary tattoo machines. These machines‘ jobs are to move these needles up and down into the skiing and insert the pigment. In this case quality of the motion of the needles is very important for fast or accuracy. 

Which one is the best rotary or coil?

Overall when we talk about the rotary tattoo machine’s weight, voice, noise, vibration, versatility, maintenance, and ease of use then we can see that the rotary tattoo machine is far better than the coil tattoo machine. Coil tattoo machines are actually heavy machines and are rarely used by a tattoo artist who is very professional and experienced in their field. And for those who are working for many years in this field because they understand the work and function of this machine. On the other hand very smooth work of the rotary tattoo machine. It is very easy to use. Very simple in working. 

There are many qualities of this machine for beginners. These machines are durable also. You can use this machine for the long term. Very easy and simple work with quality results. When we talk about what are rotary tattoo machines used for then we can find the answer in this post that this machine is full of easy features. You can use this machine very professionally in the both field of designing means lining and shading. So we can say that rotary is best for beginners. 


In the end, I hope you understand what are rotary tattoo machines used for. It’s very important to understand the condition of working. You need to see all aspects of the work. Both machines are good but it all depends on the situation and the need for work. 

If you are new and starting this business then you need to follow the advice of the professionals. They always suggest that newcomers for using the rotary tattoo machine and suggest that after some experience they can use the coil machine as well.

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