Tattoo care first 48 hours

Tattoo care first 48 hours
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People love to get tattoos on different parts of their bodies to look beautiful but their tattoos disappear or get damaged in a few days. There are many reasons why tattoos go bad. We will talk in detail about these reasons and their solutions. So you don’t need to worry I will tell you how you can keep it for a long time to make your body more attractive and why tattoo care is important in the first 48 hours.

If you are not careful, you may get an infection on your skin. So, You have to read all the following steps carefully.

Why Tattoo care first 48 hours is important?

Why Tattoo care first 48 hours is important

Tattoo care first 48 hours after tattooing is very important and crucial. This is because it is like an open wound so any carelessness can be dangerous for your skin. The slightest carelessness can ruin your whole beautiful design and cause an infection. We will discuss the following steps in detail. 

  • Removing the bandage
  • Should the bandage be reapplied?
  • Harmful UV rays of the sun
  • Clean the tattoo
  • Use of a loofah
  • Avoid harsh soaps 
  • Don’t scratch your tattoo
  • Avoid sweating & swimming
  • Chemical-based lotions
  • Don’t touch dirty hands
  • Do not overdo anything
  • Be patient
  • Remember size matters

Removing the bandage

Removing the bandage

Whenever you get a tattoo, the artist puts a cover over it so that it does not get damaged or get dirty in any way but some people are impatient and they are in a hurry to see it somehow, and because of this haste they take off the bandage. It is very wrong to do so. As soon as you remove the cover, it either deteriorates when you take it off or later it gets dusty. This can ruin your whole design. So for that, you should at least let it dry well. Some artists say that after five to six hours you can remove the cover but if you don’t touch it for 48 hours, you will get better and more lasting results.

Should the bandage be reapplied?

As I mentioned above, some people are impatient because they look forward to seeing their tattoo designs, so they make the mistake of taking off the bandage in a hurry. Then what should you do in this situation? If you have made this mistake and removed the bandage, then you should never apply the bandage again, because if you try to reapply it your whole beautiful design will change into another design that you may not like at all. So it is better that you have a little patience, and let your beautiful design dry, so then you will always look at it with satisfaction.

Harmful UV Rays of the Sun

Surely, like everyone else, the question that comes to your mind is, can I go out in the sun after getting a tattoo? It’s not about whether you can go or not. The problem is that when you go out in the sun and you are not careful, then it can be dangerous. Now you may be wondering how it can be harmful to go out in the sun. In fact, when you go out in the sun, the sun’s ultraviolet rays have a direct effect on your tattoos. 

And secondly, you also sweat in the sun, which can damage your tattoo. It is best to avoid going out in the sun for two days even if you need to go out in the sun then you should cover your tattoo area with a fine cloth. But it is better to try not to go out in the sun for a few days.

Clean the tattoo

clean the tattoo

Now the next thing you have to do is clean your tattoo. When you have to take off your bandage, then whenever you have to clean your art you need to use a lotion. But remember that, do not use any chemicals base lotion. Whenever you have to use a cloth, remember that it is not a hard cloth, always use a soft cloth. The use of any chemical soap can also cause infections. So it is better to avoid all of them. You only have to take care of all these things for a few days.

Use of a loofah

Use of a loofah

I know that like everyone else, you will have a habit of using a loofah in the washroom but you should avoid using a loofah and any kind of hard cloth. The use of loofah or hard cloth can also affect your tattoo. You need to care for your tattoo because tattoo care first 48 hours is very important for the best results.

Avoid harsh soaps

Avoid harsh soaps

Avoiding the use of any kind of harsh soap is just as important as preventing you from using a harsh cloth. This is because when you wash the tattooed area repeatedly with soap, it will deteriorate because it is still fresh and you have to protect it by all means until it becomes strong. Otherwise, the whole design will go bad. Another reason is that harsh soaps also contain chemicals that can cause infections. But if you have to use soap, use soft soaps that do not contain any chemicals.

Don’t scratch your tattoo

don't scratch your tattoo

Some people start scratching their tattoos please don’t do this it will ruin your tattoo. You should not scratch it at all because of this you will lose money and your beautiful art. You need to know that the first 48 hours are very important, so you have to take care of your tattoo in every possible way. You don’t have to touch it until it dries well.

Avoid Sweating & Swimming

Avoid Sweating & Swimming

Do you remember I just stopped you from going out in the sunlight for tattoo care first 48 hours, one reason was because of the ultraviolet rays and the other was because of the sweat. But we sweat anyway when we play or work hard. You don’t have to go to the gym or do anything for a few days that makes you sweat. Because as soon as you sweat, your tattoo will get wet and it will get worse. So for the first 48 hours, you have to take care of your tattoo in every way so that your beautiful tattoo is not damaged in any way. Secondly, you shouldn’t even swim because swimming will also make it worse.

Chemical-based lotions

Just as I forbade the use of chemical soaps that can cause any infection, so I forbid you to use chemical-based lotions, you should never use a lotion that contains any kind of chemical. Lotion on the tattoo is needed to keep the skin moisturized but you have to use lotions that do not use any kind of chemicals. The use of chemical-based lotion may cause infection. 

Don’t touch dirty hands

The ink may come out after you take off your bandage but you don’t have to worry. This is normal and you should never touch that area with dirty hands. Dirty hands may cause a risk of infection in your skin. If you want to touch it, you have to clean your hands first and then touch it. Just keep in mind that you have to take care of it in every possible way for 48 hours.

Do not overdo anything

It often happens that the ink comes out of the tattooed area or the area turns pink. It may be a little swollen but you don’t have to worry. You can apply a good lotion in small quantities but Don’t overdo it so that your tattoo doesn’t get dry at all, it will stay wet and will deteriorate. So don’t overdo anything.

Be patient

In Tattoo care first 48 hours you need to be very patient. If you do any work and don’t have patience for it, things often go wrong. If you have spent so much money to get such a beautiful tattoo, then wait a few days you will see how beautiful the design you want is. It would have been exactly the same and then it would have lasted for many years, so you have to be very patient for a few days, especially after the first 48 hours of getting a tattoo, you have to take care of it.

Remember size tattoo care first 48 hours matter

One of the important things is that we are saying that you have to take care of the tattoo for the first 48 hours after getting it, but it can take more days because it depends on the size. If the size is large enough then you may have to wait for one to two weeks for it. You can also consult your artist about it.


However, the result of all the things I have told you above is that if you have tattooed your body to beautify it and have spent money on it, then you just have to be very careful for a few days because the tattoo care first 48 hours is very crucial. Especially in the first 48 hours after getting a tattoo, you have to take care of it in every possible way. You don’t have to take off the bandage immediately, you don’t have to sweat, and you don’t have to use any kind of soap that contains any chemicals.

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