Rotary vs coil tattoo machine

rotary vs coil tattoo machine
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Before making the decision between Rotary vs coil tattoo machines, which one is better please read the complete post for the best decision. In the old day tattoo, art on the body was considered taboo in society but in the 20th century, tattoo gains immense popularity. Before the 20th-century tattoo was done on the body of criminals, as a specific symbol, and for socially bad peoples to separate them from other good peoples. However, as time passed, it became the most popular body art and 20% world’s population become tattoo lovers across the globe. In the beginning, tattoos were done by human hands and needles. They use needles and insert the colors into the human body using their hands. 

Rotary vs coil tattoo machine

Rotary vs coil tattoo machine

However, as time passed and technology increased rapidly, modern machines were also introduced. Similarly, many modern machines were also invented for tattooing. These new machines proved to be very useful, as earlier people tattooed with their hands but their designs were not as durable and clear. But with the advent of these modern machines, there was a great change in the life of tattoo enthusiasts as the tattoos made by these machines were excellent, outstanding, and durable.

In this era of the 21st century, there are modern tattoo machines. Generally, professional tattoo artists use two types of tattoo machines: coil or rotary type of tattoo machine. But before choosing any machine, product or anything you should have great knowledge about them that how these machines work and what are the benefits or drawbacks of these machines. Both machines have different qualities and have ample tattoo gun kits on the market. So, it’s up to you which type of machine is right for your need.  Every professional and proficient tattoo artist has a certain pattern for his tattoo machine choice that will fit him or her best according to their need. There is a certain difference between rotary and coil machines, both machines have some advantages and some disadvantages. 

Tattoos and modern machines ( Rotary vs Coil tattoo machine )

Professional tattoo artists, whenever they choose a modern tattoo machine, first do a thorough study about it. They closely observe how machines work. They thoroughly review all their features and also see what are the flaws in these machines. In addition to all this, a professional tattoo artist also evaluates which machine he can handle because each machine is best for a particular task. Similarly, two of the best tattoo machines today, coil and rotary, are recommended by professional artists, we will read about them in detail so that you can easily select the machine. So, to decide which machine shall you choose you to need to read the post till the end. 

Rotary tattoo machine

Rotary vs coil tattoo machine

In a comparison of Rotary vs coil tattoo machines first read that how the rotary machine was invented and what the main characteristics of this machine Rotary tattoo machines are invented in 98 by Manfred Kohrs of Germany, these machines are not popular in mainstream media but recently in the market rotary tattoo machines are more popular. The rotary tattoo machines are powered by a motor in which a needle is attached to this motor to move the needle up and down, the motor of the rotary machine spin in a circle vertically. Rotary machines can easily customize and you don’t need to have great knowledge for its customization. You can easily use a rotary tattoo machine and easily customize this machine. Rotary machines work with a moving needle the needle of rotary machines are small which is good for perfect and accurate lining during tattoo designs. 

Rotary tattoo machines are constructed with high-quality material and can work in a better way. Rotary tattoo machines hurt if the tattoo is not related to the machine. Rotary machines make less sound, no noise, and no vibration during work. For beginners, rotary tattoo machines are the best choices because it’s easy to use and can be easily adjustable. 

Coil tattoo machine

As some tattoo professionals use rotary tattoo machines same as many professionals in the world use coil tattoo machines for tattoo arts. We can say that the coils tattoo machines also a beginner can use to start their profession as a tattoo designer. The main parts of the coil machines are the coil and an armature bar. When electromagnetic current passes through the coil of the machine the armature bar the main part of the coil gets released. Then the main part of the coil machine armature bar makes a hammer-like effect, and the needle starts inserting inking onto the skin. After this process, the armature bar of the coil returns back to its position and is attached to a spring. As a result of the process, the electromagnetic field of the coil reestablishes. This electromagnetic field passes through the coil again to release the armature bar attached to a spring. This process repeats again and again until the electromagnetic field of the coil stops reestablished. 

Rotary Vs Coil tattoo machine ( Difference between  them )

  • Weight
  • Sound Level
  • Versatility
  • Ease of Use
  • Movement of the Needle


The rotary tattoo machines are designed with lite weight and prepared with high-quality metal for accurate work on the other hand the coil tattoo machines are designed with iron bars with heavyweight coils, the coil machines are tough to use if we see the weight. For easy use, according to the weight, the rotary machines are best because they are less weight. But it all depends on your choice because many artists also enjoy working using heavyweight machines and they also prefer to work with coil machines because of their heavy weight. Still, if you are designing a more giant tattoo your arm will be tired and you will feel fatigued in your arm due to the heavy weight of the coil machines. So, if your design is large then I suggest you for the weight comparison in both coil and rotary you need to choose a rotary machine because it is easy to use for a long time design and definitely your hand will not be tired. 

Soun level 

Whenever you went to the tattoo shop, you must have heard the sound of buzzing of the tattoo machines. This buzzing sound is of coil machines because the coil tattoo machines make a buzzing sound continuously during the tattoo design. Whenever the artist designs the tattoo and starts the coil machine it starts a buzzing sound. The coil tattoo machines generate this buzzing sound due to the consistent hammer-like effect of the armature bar of the coil. The other misconception about the coil tattoo machine is that getting a tattoo with a coil tattoo machine is very painful. This concept is not true, it is a big misconception about coil tattoo machines. 

On the other hand, the design of rotary tattoo machines is very simple and lite weight. The rotary tattoo machines are designed for no sound. There is no sound of buzzing in the rotary tattoo machine during the work. Rotary machines work quietly and very smoothly. 


 We can say that a rotary tattoo machine is an all-rounder machine because the rotary tattoo machine can perform as both a shader and liner. This is the best thing about the rotary tattoo machine it attracts tattoo designers. If you want to do both shading and lining of a tattoo you need to adjust the tube stem of a rotary tattoo machine. For the shading and lining frequent changing of the rotary machines is unnecessary. And on the other hand, if we talk about the coil tattoo machine for shading and lining then you can’t use it for both shading and lining. If you want to design both shading and lining with a coil machine then you need to buy two separate coil tattoo machines for this. This will be expensive and moreover, the heavy weight of the coil machine will affect your design. So in this way rotary tattoo machine is better than a coil machine in versatility.

Ease of use

We discuss in detail that Rotary tattoo machines are more lightweight than coil machines, they create less sound and don’t vibrate. That means working with it is hassle-free and very comfortable than coil tattoo machines. Also, as a beginner you don’t require any kind of practice to get familiar with it, you can start your profession very quickly. 

But if we talk about coil tattoo machines then it definitely requires some practice for starting the profession of a tattoo designer. Moreover, the coil machines are bulkier and heavier than the rotary tattoo machines. As a result, the use of coil tattoo machines is not comfortable but on the other hand, you can easily use the rotary tattoo machine because of its less weight. 

Movement of the needle

The rotary tattoo machine movement is very smooth and has no noise of buzzing but a coil tattoo machine needle movement is very rough because the electromagnetic field of the coil breaks and repeats this process again and again for this purpose its needs to be re-established in every cycle. 

Rotary vs Coil Tattoo Machine – Which one is the Best?

We see in detail that the rotary tattoo machines are smaller in size, lightweight, have no noise, and perform very quickly and quietly. There is also no vibration in the rotary tattoo machine. Moreover, the rotary tattoo machine is best for both shading and lining, and on the other hand, the coil tattoo machines cannot do this at the same time. 


After a comparison of the rotary vs coil tattoo machine, I have come to the conclusion that you should select the machine that suits your exact needs. But a coil tattoo machine is preferred by professional artists because of its precision and accuracy. Rotary also delivers precise work but the coil machine is perfect for preciseness. So, if you need accuracy in your design then the coil machines are the best. 

Overall, you need to pick a machine type that meets your design requirements and the style of the design. If you love both machines you can choose both of them, if required because both types of machines are the best. 

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