Rotary tattoo machine losing power

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There are two most popular and most useful types of tattoo machines rotary tattoo machines and coil tattoo machines. But what if your tattoo machine stops working or loses power? Then what should you do and how you can troubleshoot your tattoo machine? If the rotary tattoo machine is not working because of power loss then you don’t need to worry. Because in this post we will discuss all the main issues which may cause of stop rotary tattoo machines from working. But first, you need to understand what is rotary tattoo machine. What is the difference between rotary and coil tattoo machines and how do they work?  Moreover why rotary tattoo machine losing power? 

When you face any fault in your tattoo machine then you can resolve it by yourself. But for resolving any issue which causes your to stop working on your machine you need to understand the working method of this machine. You also need to know all the tools of rotary tattoo machines. How they work and how you can use them. After understanding all the tools of rotary tattoo machines you can easily resolve any issue which you are facing in your tattoo machine. So, if your machine is not working or has any issues then this post is for you. Because after reading the complete post you will be to troubleshoot and set your machine. Rotary tattoo machine losing power or not working for any kind of other issues.

Rotary tattoo machines for artist

We all know that Rotary tattoo machines are modern tattoo machines that are very easy to use and simple. These are very simple and easy machines for starters. Those who start the tattoo business or who are new in this business they can easily start their business with rotary tattoo machines. This machine is very popular because of its many new features for tattoo artists. These machines are very much lighter in weight. The tattoo artist can use it very comfortably for making a tattoo. One of the very popular reasons for this machine is that it can do both lining and shading. So, If the rotary tattoo machine is not working or stops for any reason then first you need to know complete information about this machine. However, the machine is simple but without knowing the working method of this machine you cannot troubleshoot the faults. 

Set up the tattoo machine yourself

SETUP tattoo machine yourself

Do you set up your rotary tattoo machine yourself? If yes then maybe you didn’t set your machine in the right method. First, you need to confirm that your setup of the rotary tattoo machine is absolutely right. If your setup is not right then your machine will not work correctly. Today we will talk about two types of tattoo machines rotary and coil machines. How to set up these machines and how to set them up if the rotary tattoo machine is not working or the coil tattoo machine. For understanding the procedure and troubleshooting of these machines you need to read the complete post. After reading this post you will understand how you can set up these machines accurately and troubleshoot the issues if they are not working. 

In this post, I will tell you why a rotary tattoo machine losing power. How do the rotary and coil machines work? And if you face any problem during the use of these machines then how you can solve these issues? First, we will talk about coil tattoo machines. We all know that coil tattoo machines have different shapes and different materials. Then how to choose a coil tattoo machine that works well? First, you need to choose the material, the material should be of good quality. There are different types of materials that are used in tattoo machines. Such as aluminum, brass, wood, plastic material, stainless steel, iron materials, and many more types of materials that are used in different types of tattoo machines. 

Choosing the tattoo machine

We know these two types of machines are popular but which one suits you? You need accuracy, conductivity, permeability, comfortable, durability, shading and lining or accurate lining, low weight, and many things. These are the qualities of both tattoo machines some qualities are in coil tattoo machines and some are in rotary tattoo machines. So you need to choose the tattoo machines according to your need. If we talk about materials then generally metal tattoo machines are better and the most famous and popular tattoo artists use these machines. They use machines that are made of metallic materials. 

Rotary tattoo machine losing power


Losing the power of the rotary tattoo machine is a common issue in this machine. But why does this issue happens in the tattoo machine? This issue mostly happens because of over usage of the machine. When the machine is used it becomes heated and as the result, it loses power. But what should you do to avoid this issue? Moreover, you need to use a good quality power supply for the rotary tattoo machine. 

Check your tattoo machine before starting it. When you purchase a new tattoo machine then first you need to check all the tools of the machine completely. Check the screws of the machine. The screw can be lost when the machine vibrates during work. There should be a gap between the contact screw and the spring of the needle. Finally, you can start the machine but first clean your contact screw with a soft cloth. 

Choosing Power supply

There are many companies that are providing different types of power supplies with tattoo machines. You think that which type of power supply you should choose for the best work and durability. But every company provides the same power supply for tattoo machines. So, no matter which brand should you because they may be different physically but the basic purpose is the same. 

Check power supply

There is no issue if you use your tattoo machine in low voltage or high voltage. But for long work, the machine required strong power and strength. So, after installing the tattoo machine you need to check the power supply. If your power supply is okay then it will show you the display otherwise not. If you see that your display is on then adjust the voltage to 6. Moreover, you can adjust the voltage of the power supply to 5,7, or 8V according to your need. Usually, tattoo experts recommend a voltage between 6-7V. Different type of power supply provides different currents and the machine also need different power for design. 

We can say that the power does not have a certain value but the voltage should not be too high or low. Low voltage also may cause damage to the machine and high voltage can heat up the machine. There are two holes one for inserting the foot pedal and the other used for inserting a clip cord.

How to fix a tattoo power supply 

The Rotary tattoo machine losing power supply or not working. Then how you can fix it? In the following, I described the main issues of power loss. 

  • Power cord 
  • Foot pedal issue
  • Clip cord not working

Power Cord

The main issue in the power cord which is happened is power cord dead. This issue usually happens the wiring in the cord loses connectivity in the machine. You also need to check whether your clip cord hooks the machine or not hook the machine. Some tattoo machines are covered with paint and also have long insulators. When the clip cord moves separate it from the machine. Because of this short circuits can happen. If you want to check the power cord problem then you can test your power cord by getting another one. The tattoo machine cord is mostly like your computer cord or kitchen cord. You can use one of them and check your cord. If the power supply worked after replacing the cord then the issue was in the cord. This is a very common problem with power supply. 

Foot pedal issue

The foot pedal also causes issues for the rotary tattoo machines to lose power. You need to check the foot pedals. Mostly foot pedals break and lose connectivity with the power supply. Check the wire which connects the foot pedal to the power supply unit. The wire gets twisted or may break the copper wiring inside the wire. Also, check the plug because the breaking of the plug is also a common issue. For testing whether your pedal is okay or not you need to try another pedal. If the machine is working on another pedal the fault is in your pedal. 

The clip cord is not working

The issue with the clip cord is the same as with the foot pedal. The clip cord issue is also because of the wire that attaches between the clip cord and the unit of power supply. You can also check the clip cord by changing the wire or with an additional clip cord. 

Above these were the main issues that generally cause losing power. So if you face any issues then you can adjust your power supply and can check the power cord, foot pedal, and clip cord. I hope you understand why the Rotary tattoo machine losing power. 

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