Rotary tattoo machine benefits

Rotary tattoo machine benefits
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Dual coil and rotary tattoo machines both have different methods according to the need of the tattoo artist. Many professionals and experts use dual coil tattoo machines for tattoo designs because they are easily available and inexpensive from rotary tattoo machines. Dual coil machines are standard machines due to providing smooth lines and shading. These machines are good but they are heavy in weight. Although dual coil machines are good some tattoo experts recommend rotary tattoo machines. They also use rotary tattoo machines in their shops because of their benefits. In this post, we’ll discuss rotary tattoo machine benefits in detail and also discuss why you choose rotary tattoo machines. 

Rotary tattoo machines are very popular nowadays because of several benefits over dual coil tattoo machines. According to Erick Alayon, author of “The Craft of Tattooing” rotary tattoo machines increase the number of tattoo artists because of several advantages. 

Why do most tattoo designers choose mostly rotary tattoo machines? The answer is very simple, they choose a rotary tattoo machine because this is a very easy and simple machine. This machine can be used easily if you are a beginner or expert in the tattoo design business. Because of this machine, you don’t need to have great expertise in the tattoo business. This makes tattoo art very simple and easy so that beginners can also use this machine easily because of its low weight. The tattoo design with a rotary tattoo machine is less pain full because of its small needles. You can easily use this machine because of its lighter weight and make a long design with this. Instead of that if you use a dual coil machine that is heavy in weight will cause lethargy and tire your hand. 

Why use the Rotary Tattoo machine? 

Rotary tattoo machine benefits

As we mentioned above the world’s most popular tattoo artists recommend and use rotary tattoo machines. They use these machines and recommend them to tattoo lovers because of their several benefits. But we cannot say that only a rotary tattoo machine is best, it depends on the need of the designs. Rotary tattoo machines are very good machines for lining and shading but the dual coil is best for the clear and strong lining. The rotary tattoo machine artist makes fewer mistakes in tattoo design because it is very comfortable for the hand. That’s why the world’s experienced and professional artists choose rotary tattoo machines and also recommend them to beginners. 

In the past few years, there were a lot of lovers of coil tattoo machines because of their power. This strong tattoo machine was also liked by experts because of its great lining features. No doubt lining is very necessary and the main part of tattoo designs but it has also some drawbacks. A dual coil rotary tattoo machine is good for lining we know but it is very noisy and has vibration during work. The louder sound of the dual coil rotary machine is irritating artists and clients. So the artists recommend the rotary tattoo machine because it has no sound vibration during tattoo design. In the following, I describe in detail what are the rotary tattoo machine benefits. 

Rotary tattoo machine benefits step by step 

Above we talk about experts and professionals but if you ask me what should I choose for a rotary tattoo machine and why? Then my answer will be yes for the rotary tattoo machine. Because of its lighter weight, no sound no vibration, and ease to use. If you are a beginner then you are highly recommended that you should use a rotary tattoo machine. As I mentioned that rotary tattoo machine has low sound but you know now rotary tattoo machines can also be used for lining. It means you can do both work lining and shading with a rotary tattoo machine.  After highlighting the rotary tattoo machine benefits, I will explain all the points in detail. Moreover, I will tell you in these steps how these actually benefited tattoo designers as a beginner or experts. 

Key benefits

  • Weight ( low or heavy? ) 
  • Sound Level of rotary tattoo machine
  • Versatility 
  • Ease of Use
  • The Needle movement of this machine 

Low weight 

Rotary tattoo machines are lightweight tattoo machines and this is the main benefit of this machine. When tattoo designers design tattoos with a dual coil rotary machine on the body of the client they feel lethargic and feel tired. This happened because of the heavy weight but on the other hand, the rotary tattoo machine is very easy to use. The tattoo designer easily uses and makes different designs on the body of the client. They feel very relaxed and comfortable during the work of design. It’s a reality that some tattoo designers for making tattoo art like dual coil rotary machines. But nowadays rotary tattoo machines are very popular among tattoo lovers because of their different benefits. 

Low sound & no vibration

If we talk about any other tattoo machine like dual coil machines is making noise. This machine also makes vibrations during the tattoo design. But on the other hand, the rotary tattoo machine is totally opposite to the dual coil rotary machine. When a tattoo designer makes tattoo’s on the client’s body the dual coil rotary machine makes a noise and creates a buzzy sound. This buzzy sound irritates the client and also the designer. So, there is no issue like this in the rotary tattoo machine. You and your client feel relaxed during the work and enjoy the tattoo design work. Moreover when in this way designers make beautiful designs during work because they feel very comfortable and relaxed. 


If we talk about allrounder machines then we can say that rotary tattoo machines are completely all-rounder machines. Because the rotary tattoo machine can both work lining and shading. When we talk about the rotary tattoo machine’s benefits then this is a very big benefit of the rotary tattoo machine. If you are confused about why a rotary tattoo machine attracts tattoo designers. Then the main thing of attraction is their dual work. Tattoo designers love this machine which can perform both work shading and lining. Good performance, high quality, and stability are the main features of this amazing gun. 

On the other hand, if we discuss dual coil machines for tattoo design then for shading and lining you need to buy two different dual coil machines. One machine for shading and the other for the lining. However, this machine is popular for lining but it can’t perform both works. But this is the beauty of a rotary tattoo machine because it can perform both works very easily.

Ease of Use

When we talk about all the features of rotary tattoo machines then there is no doubt that these machines are very simple and easy to use. The lightweight gives you easiness during design. You will feel very comfortable when making a long design or a different design at one time. Professional and expert tattoo designers recommend this machine because they say that if you feel easy during the design then you can design very beautifully. Rotary tattoo machine benefits this is a very great advantage that you feel very relaxed during the design. The Comfort zone will give you beautiful results. 

Overall when we see the features of the rotary tattoo machine then we cannot stop ourselves from saying that this is a very easy and simple machine for tattoo designs. It is popular because of its dual work, lining, and shading, lightweight, double needles, and fast speed. These qualities make this machine very easy to use for designs. If you want to work in a very comfortable zone then this is the best machine for you. 

Movement of the Needle of the Rotary tattoo machine

The needles of rotary tattoo machines move very smoothly and fast. Because of this smooth movement, there is no sound of vibration and works very smoothly. On the other hand, if we talk about the dual coil tattoo machine which vibrates during work. Dual coil machines vibrate because of their electromagnetic process of movement. But in the case of a rotary tattoo machine, the movement of its needle moved very smoothly on the skin during design. The smooth movement of the needle in this machine is a very good benefit which makes this machine also popular in the industry of tattoo business. 

Conclusion of all benefits

In the above, we already discussed all the main benefits and features of rotary tattoo machines. How does this machine give you benefits rather than other tattoo machines? Overall when we talk about rotary tattoo machine benefits and why it is best than other tattoo machines. Then the answer is all the great features that rotary tattoo machines have are good.  But other tattoo machines don’t have these features. Features like easy to use, simple design, lightweight, no sound, no vibration, and dual work like shading and lining. After these main features and benefits, we can say that a rotary tattoo machine is best. And it is also best for beginners in making tattoo designs business.

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