Rotary pen tattoo machine troubleshooting

Rotary pen tattoo machine troubleshooting
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What if your tattoo machine stops working? How can you troubleshoot the problem with your device? There are many issues in the tattoo machines during work that are faced by the tattoo artist. During work when the tattoo machines stop working then It’s difficult to find out the main issues in the device. But you don’t need to worry in this post we will see what type of issues can be happened with tattoo machines and how you can sort out the problems. We will discuss in detail the rotary pen tattoo machine troubleshooting and how this machine works correctly. Moreover, we will also discuss how you should assemble this machine in the right way. Because the right assembling of rotary tattoo machines will be good for saving your device any kind of issue.

Rotary tattoo machines

Rotary pen tattoo machine troubleshooting

Before discussing troubleshooting rotary tattoo machines we need to see the background of the rotary tattoo machine. We also need to understand the work of this machine. When we know about the machine that how rotary tattoo machines work and what are the main factors which may cause any problem in the machine then we can easily understand the problems. After understanding the machine assembling it will be very easy for us to find and troubleshoot any kind of problem in the machine. So, first, we see what is rotary tattoo machine and how it works. 

Let’s talk about the history of tattoo machines. The first tattoo machine was invented by Samuel F. O’Reilly. And patented this machine in Dec 1891. Actually, he patented the machine Thomas Edison in 1876. But it is said that the electric tattoo machine did not begin with O’Reilly’s patent in 1891. It was introduced in the market at least several years before. But we can say that the first electric tattoo machine was invented by Samuel F. O’Reilly. The invention of this modern tattoo machine brings a huge change to the tattoo world. 

How rotary tattoo machine works?

Rotary pen tattoo machine troubleshooting is not so difficult if you know how this modern tattoo machine is working. This modern tattoo machine is working on a spinning motor. The motor of this machine moves the attached needle up and down. The needles of rotary tattoo machines enter the skin very smoothly. But if we see the coil tattoo machine the motion of needles in the skin is very forceful. Because of this rotary tattoo machine tattoos take small time for healing the tattoo. But on the other hand coil tattoo machine take a long time for healing the tattoo. 

Working with a rotary tattoo machine is much easier and simple rather than a coil tattoo machine. The rotary tattoo machine is very simple in working with tattoo art and is also very simple to use. That’s the reason the new tattoo artist love this machine at the beginning. 

The rotary tattoo machines are very well for lining and adding colors. But these machines are not desirable for the shading and precision of tattoo design. This happens because of the small needles of the rotary tattoo machine. But if you want preciseness and great shading then coil tattoo machines are very good. Coil tattoo machines are good in shading and precision because of their large needles. 

Moreover, the rotary tattoo machines are less noisy and also they do not need to be re-tuned. There is no noise during the use of rotary tattoo machines. They are very comfortable during work and have no sound of buzzing. These qualities of this modern machine make it ideal for tattoo artists, especially beginners. These are the following steps according to which tattoo machine is working. 

Contact screw

A contact screw is a part of a tattoo machine that is made of brass, iron, silver, or stainless steel. The contact screw of brass and silver is better. The contact screw is consumable goods because there may be sparks. These sparks happen between the screw and the spring. This spark occurs because when the screw touches the spring it will be attrited. The tattoo machine will work fast or slow because of the contact screw attrited. This happened because of the amplitude of the springs which depends on the pressure of the contact screw. 

The contact screw should not be too tight or too loose, otherwise, the armature bar cannot move up and down if the contact screw is tight. If the contact screw is loose then the voltage will be too low. Adjust the contact screw instead of the voltage setup. I don’t agree with the adjustment of the voltage because if you adjust the voltage then the machine will not be powerful. So, instead of voltage adjustment, you need to work on the contact screw. It may cause damage to the machine if you adjust it every time voltages. The machine will start slow working even if the voltages are high. So, it is better to adjust the contact screw instead of the voltage. 

Armature Bar

For understanding how the armature bar is working in these machines here we have two machines with two armature bars. One armature bar has a long spring and the other has a shorter one. Why these springs are different from each other? Generally, the machine which has a short spring is a liner machine and the machine which has a long spring is a shader machine. But this is not meant that the liner machine can not be used for the shading or shading machine cannot be used for lining. You can use these machines according to your need. 

But what is the difference between the long spring machine and the short spring machine? The short spring machine vibrates more frequently than the longer spring machine. So because of this, the needle of the shorter spring machine will work faster. The needle will work quickly up and down faster than the longer spring. 

When we need to make an outline we need the short spring machine because this machine works faster. The line will look clear and real. When we use a liner machine the needle of this machine work faster and the depth of the needle will be shorter than the long spring machine. In a long-spring machine, the depth of the needle will be better. If we need longer depth then the tattoo machine should have a longer spring. Shorter springs have a small needle and work faster than the longer spring machine. Now in the following, we will discuss in detail the rotary pen tattoo machine troubleshooting. 

Rotary pen tattoo machine troubleshooting step by step

Rotary pen tattoo machine issues can be troubleshot with the help of the following steps. 

Power supply problem 

For the rotary pen tattoo machine troubleshooting first step you need to check the power supply after installing the machine. If you see the display of the power supply show the voltages then it works correctly. If your power supply is ok then adjust the voltage of the machine between 6 to 7. I adjust the voltage to 7V. The display is on then the power supply is working. There are two holes here one hole is for a foot pedal and the other hole is for a clip cord.

Clip Cord

After checking the power supply the next step is to check the work of the clip cord. Check if you see any problem with the clip cord. Don’t pull the wires just pinch the connector during unplugging. This is the right method of unplugging the machine. After unplugging this check whether the clip cord hooks the machine or not. Some machines are covered with paint and some machines have long insulators. Therefore when it starts working or moving then the insulator of the machine may separate from the machine. Because of this, there may be short circuits can happen. 

The clip cord should not parallel always to the machine because we need to change the angle. If your machine stops working because of the clip cord then how you can fit it? You can fix it by leaving it alone. Don’t hang the clip cord on the wall or any other thing. Just make the clip code move freely where it can move easily. 

Contact screw problem

Check the contact screw of the machine it touches the spring or not. Check the spring maybe there is any dirt like vaseline or hair. If there is anything then clean it. Then move the armature bar and check if it moves or is stuck. If the armature bar moves freely then the contact screw is okay. 

Rubber band

Now you need to check the rubber band. Check if the rubber band is too tight or loose. The rubber band should not too tight because the strength of the rubber band is enough. Pull the rubber band until the needle and the tip are parallel to each other. If the rubber band is so tight then the machine will not work. 


So, for the rotary pen tattoo machine troubleshooting, you need to check the power supply, clip cord, contact screw, armature bar, and rubber band. You should also check the wire of the clip cord and the foot pedals. You can also troubleshoot the problem by replacing another wire or foot pedal if you want to check the foot pedal working.

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