How to make a rotary tattoo machine frame

How to make a rotary tattoo machine frame
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Tattoos have become a popular profession and fashion for people of any age and region. Women, men, children, or any age people love tattoos nowadays. In the old day tattooed fashion was not so popular among people but these days this fashion is very popular. Because of its popularity, there is a huge demand for tattoo designers and tattoo machines. Tattoo shops have increased very rapidly, moreover, the schools also teach the art of tattoo design. These institutions also issue regular certificates. After certification candidates start regular exercise and start the tattoo business as a profession. In this post we will discuss little bit history of tattoos and tattoo machines then we will discuss how to make a rotary tattoo machine and how to make a rotary tattoo machine frame. For complete understanding, you need to read the complete post. 

In this modern age, there are high-quality machines that help you for making beautiful designs. With the help of these machines, you can make different designs of tattoos very simply. But instead of these machines there DIY a lover. Many people want to make handmade tattoo machines. They love to use their hand-made tattoo machines instead of these modern tattoo machines. They want to know how to make a rotary tattoo machine frame or complete machines at home. For making a homemade tattoo machine you need some important tools. With the help of these tools, you can make the frame of the machine or you can make the machine by yourself. 

Machine Tools

Machine Tools

The machine tools should be a solid base for securing the machine and this is the first step of the tattoo machine frame. You must have strong and solid components for making the tattoo machine frame. The most important quality and necessary part of a frame is the rigidity of the tattoo machine frame. So it is very important you must need to consider good material for tattoo machine construction. There are many materials that can be used for rigidity requirements instead of metals. For this rigidity requirement plastics, composites, and wood can also be used. 

This is not only the reason but there are many other reasons that the material for frame construction should be really considered besides rigidity. 

Use of Yoke

The use of a yoke for the construction of the frame depends on the material which is used in making the frame of the tattoo machine. A yoke is made of ferromagnetic material.  There is no winding in this yoke but it connects two or more magnet cores. The coils should be connected to each other to make the coils work. In this way coil machine work as a team. It is preferable if the armature bar and coils core are also made of magnetic material. The armature bar and coils core are the main parts of the magnetic system. A steel and iron material can use for the frame of the tattoo machine but nonmagnetic material will need a yoke. Nonmagnetic materials are brass, aluminum, plastic, and wood will need a yoke. 

Material and vibration

The material which is used for the machine frame directly affects on hand of the artist due to vibration. In this machine, vibration depends on the thickness of the frame. Not only does thickness affect vibration but weight is also considered for vibration. Some frames are made from wood also but most are made from brass, iron, silicon bronze, plastic, and aluminum. These materials will absorb the vibration. 

A very well-known and professional tattoo artist with machine expertise in the business of the tattoo community told once, “Aluminum machines are chattery”. After that, we set up aluminum machines and we proved him wrong with this technique. 

How to make a rotary tattoo machine frame with quality Material

Making a frame needs to use well material. Aluminum is an excellent metal for the frame of the tattoo machine. Aluminum metal is very light and rigid. So it is perfect for the tattoo machine. It can also be available in different variety of strengths. Some aluminum material is heated and treated with aircraft grade t-5 to t-6. Other types of aluminum metal are bendable and they can be bent. We observe that some grades are more brittle and hard, for example, t5 and t6. As I said some grades are harder and more brittle, for example, t6 can be more brittle and hard than t5. They may be weak if the fully prepared and assembled machine falls from the desk or any high place. 

The material for making the frame of the tattoo machine should be light and rigid.  It is very simple and easier than any steel or iron. During sawing, it is very soft and smooth than brass or silicon bronze. Its thickness is right and it is heavy duty than any type of plastic. Because of these metals, they can absorb the vibration like any brass machine frame.

Nonadjustable drillings

There is a misconception that the aluminum frame makes for a chattery tattoo machine. This is not true. And vibration is absorbed easily when powder coated. Drilling specifications are one of the most valuable qualities of a good machine frame. In the good frame of the machine, nonadjustable drillings are highly recommended for bindings of the posts, coils, and springs. If the machine has nonadjustable drillings then the parts do not have the power to slide or move during the working. 

Distance between spring saddle and tube

If you want to know how to make a frame for a rotary tattoo machine then you should have complete knowledge about the distance between spring saddle and tube. There should be a distance between the spring saddle and tube. This distance is very crucial. You need to understand the importance of the frame because the frame is the basic and important thing of any tattoo machine. The complete function of the movement of the machine parts depends on the drillings. If the machine is un-drilled then first you need to drill the hole of the coil and after that, you need to make the other drillings like spring saddle, tube vice, and binding posts. These drills are around the holes of coils. The armature bar is an important part of any tattoo machine so you need to consider the length of the armature bar. 

Perfect right angles

The lines of the frames should be perfect right angles when viewed front side. The upper right binding post should be at a 90-degree angle with the base of the frame the base which accommodates the coils. The upper side of the frame is definitely on the perfect right angle otherwise you need to shorten the binding post. But it depends on the angle situation. If the angle is at a perfect right angle then there is no need to shorten the binding posts. It is not difficult to check any flaw in the frame before assembling the parts of the frame. You can easily find any flaw in the frame. If you understand how to make a rotary tattoo machine frame it is very good for you before starting a tattoo business. 

After a complete understanding of perfect right angles, you will know how to make a rotary tattoo machine frame. This can be done easily with the help of a rubber mallet and vice. You need to be very careful during straightening the aluminum. Care is more necessary when you are using a rubber mallet to straighten the aluminum frame. Aluminum needs extra care during this process because it can only bend one time. As I said before that the spring saddle should be parallel to the base and it should be at a 90-degree angle between the base to an upright support. 

Build The Frame for the rotary tattoo machine

We discuss the detail above that how to make a rotary tattoo machine frame but here we will overview the complete detail again. So the first step in making a tattoo machine is to build the frame. The frame is the main step that serves as the base for handling the complete mechanism. For making the frame we need a plastic toothbrush and a lighter. The most popular tattoo designer who made his first tattoo machine the last year, tells us about making the frame of the tattoo machine. He tells us that for making the frame handle should be bent at 90 degree right angle. For this angle, you need to heat the head and handle. But make sure that the handle of the frame should remain longer than the head. 

Wait to catch the fire to the plastic of the toothbrush because this is a very good and quick way of making the bent toothbrush. After completing the process of bending the toothbrush follow the all above instructions. But for making the frame you really need to care about the aluminum. I hope you understand the complete procedure for a rotary tattoo machine frame.

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