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How to make a homemade rotary tattoo machine
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Many tattoo lovers wanted to know how to make a homemade rotary tattoo machine so that they can make their own tattoo machines at home with their own hands and create their favorite tattoo designs. Some people even earn money by making such tattoo machines at home and selling them in the market. But most people who make tattoo machines at home are very fond of tattoos.

As we all know, people of almost every age are fond of tattooing these days. Whether they are children, old or young, men or women have become very fond of tattooing to enhance the beauty of their bodies. Now, modern technology has come with the help of tattooing machines, but before that, it was not like this, people who were fond of tattooing either made tattoo machines at home or tattooed their bodies with their own hands.

properly guided on how to make a custom Homemade rotary tattoo machine

how to make a custom Homemade rotary tattoo machine

how to make a custom homemade rotary tattoo machine is not that difficult, but it is very important to have some essential things that you can use to make the best rotary tattoo machine of your choice, like the ones that people used to make in their homes today. A rotary tattoo machine is very simple and light with which you can create the best designs of your choice. However, below we will discuss in detail how to make a homemade rotary machine and how we can use all these things in the best way to make a very effective homemade rotary machine. And you can make your own interesting and beautiful designs with this best tattoo machine.

If you are wondering how to make a custom homemade rotary tattoo machine with some necessary material and a sewing needle? Then you don’t need to worry I will give you a complete method on how to make a homemade rotary tattoo machine. No doubt, before high-level technology the tattoos lover make homemade tattoo machines and use them for their tattoo designs but at that time there were no facilities which are available in this time. Means this time homemade tattoo machine creation is very easy from that time. Tattoo lovers also increase with time. Nowadays there is 20 percent of the globe is a lover of tattoo art. 

At this time modern tattoo machines are available like coil and rotary tattoo machines and professionals choose one of them or both because of their modern features. These machines are very easy to use and simply made with modern technology with small needles so there are no longer rose thorns, bamboo needles, or pelican bones for tattoo design. The modern tattoo machines which are recommended by professionals have very fast and quick needles that move rapidly and design the tattoo with complete accuracy. 

DIY tattoos

DIY tattoos are designed in a style of stick and poke, freestyled design by using a single needle and ink that creates very slowly a single dot with every new step. DIY tattoos are quite slow and more painful. However, many tattoos lover love this style and this style has also gained more attention in recent times because of its uniqueness and personality. Keep in mind that this is the most common and simple stick-and-poke tattoo tool which consists of a sewing needle inserted in between of pencil and its metal socket. The method of stick and poke is known to be as safe as using a modern tattoo machine. Tattoo designers who understand the method of stick and poke can easily design tattoos in a very safe way. However, it’s not easy to design a tattoo on a body with homemade tattoo machines, things can go more complicated during the tattoo design if you design a tattoo at home with homemade tattoo machines. 

No doubt it might seem as simple as other hobbies but this is not good advice for making a tattoo machine using home supplies like a sewing needle, thread, pen, or craft ink. First, you need to understand that sewing needles are quite wider and harder than the needles which are used in modern tattoo machines, these needles can cause pain because this sewing needle opens the skiing wider and this can also destroy the complete designs. 

Besides all this, you need to care about your health, if you do not follow the right steps you can harm your body which may cause an infection. For this, it is also very necessary the tattoo kits should be created with good materials if the tattoo kit is made with cheap materials then this could be harmful to your body. 

thing for Custom a homemade rotary tattoo machine with a sewing needle

  • Pen ( should be good quality )
  • Motor (from a Walkman, recorder, etc)
  • Small paperclip
  • A knife or razor blade that will help cut through the pen
  • Hot glue gun & Pliers
  • Any thin, flexible wire, you can get this inside of a pair of headphones
  • Button which has four holes
  • Rubber band
  • Solder
  • 10/13 sewing needles ( these needles also should be good quality )
  • Power cord & Candle

Make a Homemade Tattoo Gun With a Sewing Needle

Make a Homemade Tattoo Gun With a Sewing Needle

Nowadays every second person is showing that he is a professional tattoo designer and charges high prices for making the tattoo with his modern tattoo machine. For this they used their modern tattoo machines and create the tattoo design on the body with a single needle dipped in ink. These are some main important steps on how to make a homemade rotary tattoo machine with a sewing needle, follow the following steps. 

  • Step one is that you need to cut the pen roughly three inches from the tip, and cut the closed end of the cap off of the pen. After that, you need to use the candle flame to heat up the plastic of the pen clip so that this will be compliant and more flexible. 
  • Now bend the clip of the pen into the shape of an L, then set the angle of the cap at 90 degrees. Make the L shape of the bent plastic another 90 degrees from halfway out. After the first bend please ensure that your plastic is harder then you can go on to the next step. 
  • In the next step, you need to take the longer end of the pen and melt it by rotating slowly on the candle flame. You need to do this very gently, slowly, and carefully. Pull the end out and convert it into a thinner smaller tube. Cut the 2 inches of the tube off and slide the wider side into the point of the tip of the pen which was used to come out of the last three-inch part of the pen. Now the 3-inch piece of the pen attaches to the cap of the pen with an L-shape pointing upside.
  • Then hold the motor on the top of the pen and aligned the mother on the L. Please make sure that the mid of the motor is accurately lined up with the hole in the top of the pen which aligned the motor on the L. Now, glue it into this place. 
  • Open your paperclip after some time when it becomes flat then heat on candle flame by holding each end and pulling it outward to stretch it out. After that take the three needles and make a group of these three needles so that the tips form a circle. 
  • At this point, wrap the needles with a thin but tight wire and hold these needles in that shape. After that solder the needles and paperclip. Then bend the paperclip at a 90-degree angle with the use of the pliers
  • Then slide the needles with the L-shaped clip through the barrel, after determining how short to cut your needle in the pen. Put the smaller bent section through a hole of the pen in a small button and attach the bottom hole of the button to the center of the motor of the machine with the help of the glue. After doing this you need to wrap the rubber band around the button and motor to stable them when the gun is turned on then they will be stable because of the rubber band. 
  • Give the power source to the motor and start your practice with your homemade tattoo machine because your homemade rotary tattoo machine is now ready for use

Hand poke tattoos are unique and permanent as the tattoo is designed by modern tattoo machines. But the difference is that tattoo machines are more modern and fast working than homemade tattoo machines. However, its time taking for making homemade tattoo machines but you can make them for your interest because the design of hand poke tattoos is also unique and permanent. But it all depends on you how you feel comfortable designing a tattoo, if you just want to enjoy tattoo art by creating your own homemade tattoo machine then you can do this. In this modern time, the new and modern tattoo machines are better because they are accurate and easy to use. 

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