How to find a tattoo artist?

how to find a tattoo artist?
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Are you planning for a tattoo? If yes, you will need to go to a tattoo artist for this purpose. But how do find a tattoo artist? In this article, we will explain the ways to find a tattoo artist.

Before getting a tattoo, decide what style you want, where you want to have it done, and most importantly, your budget. There are so many tattoo artists that deciding where to get the work done is challenging.

Therefore, we have found ways to find a good tattoo artist according to your requirements.

How to find a tattoo artist?

how to find a tattoo artist?

Finding a tattoo artist is easy, but at the same time, it isn’t easy too. When you know what you want, your search for tattoo artists becomes easy as you already have a design in hand; you only have to find the best tattoo artist who can make the same design you want. Instagram is the best place where you can find many artists according to your tattoo design

If you don’t know what you want, it’s become a bit complicated as you have to search for every tattoo artist and decide accordingly. The best way to find a tattoo artist when you don’t know anything, look for local artists, discuss with them what type of design will suit you, and then make a final decision.

Whether you know what you want or you are entirely clueless about it, we have gathered information on how to find a tattoo artist and discussed some steps below.

Know your style

The straightforward approach to how to find a tattoo artist is to know your style. Many tattoo styles include traditional, neo-traditional, realism, watercolor, fine line, and blackwork. The best thing is to decide what tattoo style you want, as it will be easy to find an artist accordingly.

You will find many artists with different expertise and experiences. If you don’t want any specific tattoo style but picked a design from any book or online, you can visit any tattoo shop and get the tattoo done. No such research is required for that, but if you want a specific style, it will need a bit of research because you will have to find a tattoo artist who is an expert in that specific style making.

For making a custom design, you must ask a few questions from the artist before going ahead.

Do the research

Research is significant to how to find a tattoo artist. If you have a good artist, the tattoo will come out good.

Instagram is the perfect place to find tattoo artists because, on Instagram, many artists have their portfolios. Instagram is the easiest way to showcase their work and get clients.

You can also use different hashtags on Instagram to find tattoo artists. After looking at the Instagram profile, you can get an idea about the artist and his work. Also, follow the Instagram accounts to get updated about the new trends. That’s the process of how to find a tattoo artist on Instagram.

Apart from Instagram, google is also an excellent medium to find tattoo artists. The google reviews will help you to find a good tattoo artist.

Word of Mouth

In our opinion, the best and most reliable marketing tool is word of mouth. You can ask your friends or colleagues who are into tattoo making and familiar with artists. Your friends can recommend you the best. You can also get in touch with an artist through your circle who can make the specific style you want.

Friends and colleagues also give you honest reviews and feedback that help you make a final decision. Try to get the critical information that you think is necessary. Always choose the artists who are patient and make you feel at ease. Word of mouth is an excellent source of how to find a good tattoo artist in your area.


Reviews are also critical when it comes to finding a tattoo artist. How to find tattoo artist reviews? It’s simple. Every artist does have their studio, which they promote on different platforms such as social media and their own website. Always do look for the artist’s social media profile to have a personal website along with the profile and website of the studio they are working with. You will find plenty of reviews and feedback from customers there.

When deciding on a tattoo artist, do proper research and check comments and reviews.

Take your time

Don’t rush in the search for the best tattoo artist. Take your time and enjoy this experience of finding the right artist. Make sure that you are happy with your decision. If you plan for a tattoo, make sure you start the search early because many tattoo artists need a booking a few months in advance. They might not be taking new work when you want a tattoo; you must start the research early to get an appointment on time.

Importance of a Tattoo Artist

Tattoos are like any other product in the market, and like any other product, you can find good, bad, ugly, and awesome tattoos. Your tattoo depends on the artist; that’s why choosing the right artist is essential.

There are good and bad artists in this market as in any other industry. You will find some artists who will blow your find with their talent, and you will also come across some who don’t even know how to hold a tattoo machine.

But how do find a tattoo artist who is an expert? An expert tattoo artist will have years of experience and must have an apprenticeship at the registered tattoo studio. Before making a tattoo, getting in touch with the artist is better. You may ask questions related to tattoos and their work and get your confusion cleared. A good tattoo artist will always respond with patience and politeness.

A tattoo is a permanent thing and second chances are also limited. That’s why proper and thorough research is vital. Take your time in locating the right artists. A tattoo is a serious thing; you cannot just go into any studio.

Take time to find your dream artist: it will be worth it.


Yes, there is an app to find a tattoo artist, which is called “The free tattoo app”. You can explore and book the best tattoo artists worldwide through this app.

Yes, you can get a tattoo that you have found online. To avoid any legal hassle, make sure that the image you have chosen doesn’t have copyright issues, and if it has, get permission before getting it done.

Yes, you should book an appointment in advance so that you and the artists both get time to prepare. Your preparation is about budget and design finalization, and the artist’s preparation is about the creation of a tattoo.


Tattoos are on trend, and almost 30% to 35% of people have tattoos on their bodies in the USA. Tattoos are permanent, and there are significantly fewer chances of change later on. Therefore, the choice of the right tattoo artist is significant.

But, how do find a tattoo artist? Finding the right tattoo artist needs time and patience. There are different ways to find an artist, like word of mouth, through social media, and checking reviews on social media profiles and websites.

These are the proven methods about how to find a tattoo artist. Finding a tattoo artist is, time-consuming but it’s always worth waiting.

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