dragonfly X 2 tattoo machine review & Buying guide | 2023

Dragonfly x2 rotary tattoo machine review
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With a powerful motor, Dragonfly is a rotary-type tattoo machine that is considered to be the best among all rotary tattoo machines on the market. It can adjust the force of the return spring. For permanent tattooing, you can count on the Dragonfly tattoo machine; tattoo artists prefer doing lining and shading with this machine, for it creates discreet contrasting lines, half-shadows, and other eccentricities that can be better performed using the Dragonfly X2 tattoo machine, which has been in the since 2015.

Dragonfly Rotary X2 Tattoo Machine is compatible with all types of standard and cartridge needles and boots best for beginners. There is a 6W high-performance motor connected to it; with high mechanical output and efficiency, you can adjust the stroke length between 2.6-3.7mm. Dragonfly X2 Tattoo Machine is available in 6 different colors- Evil Black, Demonic Blue, Crazy Lime, Deep Purple, Devilish Red, and Seduction Pink.

Since it is also compatible with cartridges, so when using them you’re required to remove stay-up springs to prevent strain on the motor, so that it could function smoothly. 




  • Brand: Ink Machines
  • Dimensions: 5.12 x 5.12 x 1.97 inches; 5.4 Ounces
  • Color: Black

Dragonfly rotary tattoo machines are considered to be one of the best rotary tattoo machines. These Rotary Tattoo Machines feature an adjustable suspension system that allows the needles hitting force to be adjusted. These machines are considered to be best for lining and shading and beginner artists find it quite helpful to use them. Moreover, Dragonfly rotary tattoo machines are also stable and work for long hours without dissipation of heat which not only saves your skin from burning but also makes the tattooing process impeccable and smooth. Key Features Dragonfly X2 Tattoo Machine: • Works with most power supplies 0-13V • Normally stops in the upper position • No moving components in contact with the plastic barrier • Accepts standard grips, tubes, and needles • Lightweight (80 grams) • Silent operation • Do not need rubber bands • Adjustable hitting force

  • Powerful high-speed motor (6 W)
  • Cartridge compatibility
  • Quiet operation
  • Compatible with all 0-13 volt power supplies
  • High energy efficiency (86%)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Adjustable needle stroke
  • Slightly off-balance
  • Too soft for the lining

The user experience of the Dragonfly X2 tattoo machine

Dragonfly rotary machine is extremely soft and causes less skin damage. Its operation is quiet, light in weight and the needle bar is well mounted and the grips are tightened. Although tattoo artists have observed a slight shift in the center of gravity, it is balanced by having a firm grip.

Buying Guide

We have reviewed Dragonfly X2 tattoo machine, we are hopeful that you would certainly end up buying at least one of these tattoo machines. However, if you are still confused to buy a tattoo machine. We have given below a buying guide that will help you in this regard.


The weight and the durability of this tattoo machine are decided by frames, which are available in two forms: the iron frame and the brass frame. The iron frame is lighter than a brass frame and tends to vibrate during operation. The outer layer of the frame also comes in two types: zinc and aluminum frames. These frames subsidies the pain while getting tattooed. So, frames are supposed to be taken into consideration when you buy a tattoo machine.

Coil Wraps

The more the wrap on the coil, the better the tattoo machine is for shading and lining. So, you should buy such a machine that contains more coils, which usually span between 8-12 wraps. However, in the end, it depends upon for what purpose you are buying the machine. Generally, the 8-coil wrap is used for a thinner line.


Again, it also depends upon for what purpose you are buying the tattoo machine. For penetrating the needle inside your skin, you need a gun with a lower speed and vice versa. However, you can also buy a tattoo machine with medium speed and higher hits.

Customer Service

If you are ordering from the brands, they give you a certain time limit during which you are supposed to return the product or get your queries resolved. Amazon has a 30-day return policy and provides you with an all-time guarantee offer that the product would be for a certain period. Thus, some of these features are important to consider.


You need to be careful with the money you spend on buying a Dragonfly tattoo machine. You must focus on those features of the machines which are important to you, without which you cannot accomplish your task. This can be achieved at reasonable prices as well. You just need to be well aware that you are too long-lasting tattoo machines.


With 86% efficiency, dragonfly X2 rotary machines are the most common rotary tattoo machines in the market. You can operate a dragonfly X2 rotary machine at an input voltage of 0-13V. The stroke length is also adjustable between 2.6-3.7mm; thus you can create excellent tattoos. Moreover, the dragonfly X2 rotary machine is easy to operate without making loud noise; it has an ergonomic design and cartridge compatibility. This tattoo machine is best for beginner artists. The powerful motor keeps it working for longer sessions. However, most artists have complained that the dragonfly X2 rotary machine isn’t good at the lining. Also, you can’t better inject the needle deeply into the skin, which renders it just temporary tattooing.


Dragonfly X2 Rotary Tattoo Machine is considered to be the best Dragonhawk Pen Machine nowadays.

The Dragonfly X2 is known as the best Dragonfly tattoo machine. It is easy to operate and is perfect for lining and shading. The machine is durable and does not dissipate heat.

As you know that many people use the same tattoo machine so it is necessary to change the needle of the tattoo. Besides, you need to sanitize your machine along with changing its tubes as well.

 They are non-combative, calm, and cheering, making them perfect peace symbols. In Chinese culture, harmony is just one of the many meanings of the dragonfly. This is why so many tattoos are associated with peace and harmony.

Pen tattoo machines have a wireless design. They are also light weighted, so you can carry them around anywhere. Moreover, they are also easy to use. You can adjust the depth and hit with high torque as per your requirements.

Although many dragonflies are skilled hunters, they are mostly harmless. These flies are commonly found in water bodies and have shiny wings and beautiful colors. They are a huge boon to the environment as they take care of unwanted pests that want to turn your produce into food.

Brands such as Amazon never compromise on the quality and design of tattoo machines. You can get the best practical results by using branded tattoo machines. The branded tattoo machines are durable and user-friendly.

Vaseline would help you clean the tattoo machine. You have to insert Vaseline between the contact screw and spring which absorbs the dirt and makes your machine neat and clean to work.

A cartridge can fit onto a rotary or coil tattoo machine if the grip is compatible. Rotary machines are made to accommodate cartridges, but you may have to purchase a special grip to adapt a coil machine.

The rotating tattoo machine is simple to operate and adjust the needle, unlike the coil tattoo machines which operate with the same standard needle length.

It depends upon the type of machine as well as the preference of an artist; yet for perfect lining, 6V is more than enough.

Create colorful images, rotary machines are the best tattoo machines out there. As they don’t dissipate heat and keep your skin safe. Rotary machines are also easy to grip and perfect for lining.

It all depends upon the artist’s creativity and experience in creating tattoo images. Usually, artists use three types of tattooing machines. 

In the former, the machine’s parts tend to be of low quality and durability; in the latter, however, the components are of high-quality and high precision.

Due to their lightweight and simplicity of operation, rotary machines are better for the starter. A beginner need not get used to its grip for creating fascinating images. However, he required a little upper hand to help achieve precision and accuracy.

It requires needless, cartridges, a power source, clip cable or RCA, and a foot switch that can be purchased individually or as a whole kit. Besides this, you can also use additional components if you need them.

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